A Study: The Power of Having a Signature Beauty Look

Herstik says that her haircut makes her feel like “that witch, a bad bitch, and like I’m wearing my favorite pair of heels, lingerie, and red lipstick all at once.” It’s a visual representation of how she feels on the inside. “Knowing myself and honoring this through self-expression is one of my deepest and most cherished core values, and my side shave helps me live this. I feel the most beautiful and at peak sexiest with a fresh shave.” Herstik’s hair also has a spiritual meaning, as it marks an anniversary related to her craft as a fashion alchemist and glamour witch. “Glamour is something that veils what lies beneath it, which puts beauty and fashion in its domain,” she says. “By altering how I look—for no one but myself—I was marking an entry point into my practice of self-expression as a form of magick, or creating change on the physical realm through energy, intention, and action.”

Every year, Herstik proudly celebrates the anniversary of her side shave, (which had its 10th this past March). “It’s a way for me to honor how much a part of me this silly haircut is. It’s a way for me to remember the power in self-expression, and the power of my self-expression,” she says. “It’s a way to remember and honor the awkward, uncomfortable, 17-year-old Gabriela living in Johns Creek, Georgia who felt like a weirdo and like she didn’t fit in, and who followed her truth anyway.”

When Lenora Claire, a 40-year-old victims rights advocate and activist in LA, decided to dye her hair bright red as a teenager, it was actually a way to distract from her appearance. By the time she was in the sixth grade, she was a D cup, so when she got to high school, she was known as “the girl with the big boobs.” Taking inspiration from both Kate Pearson from the B-52s and Grace Jones from the movie Vamp, Claire decided to dye her hair bright red. “It just sort of occurred to me, like, ‘Wait a second—if I dye my hair super red, then I’ll be the girl with the hair. I’ll be the redhead. I won’t be like the girl with the boobs.’”

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