A Nordstrom Personal Stylist on the Items Her Clients Love

We recently highlighted Jennifer Sattler in our piece about the Nordstrom6—a group of former or current Nordstrom stylists who give fashion recommendations on Instagram. Well, we thought we’d get to know her a bit further in an effort to uncover more sartorial tips and tricks. Sattler is currently a stylist and blogger with her site, Closet Choreography. She also spent 20 years working as a stylist at Nordstrom. So naturally, she has a knack for shopping and knowing what could work best for her clients.

We wanted to learn about the specific items the majority of her clients have loved based on her recommendations recently and throughout the years. Essentially, Sattler routinely suggests these chic pieces because they’re effortless, versatile, and chic. Below you’ll find the items in question with visual inspiration from Sattler herself. There’s also a range of shopping picks if you’re interested in adding one of the stylist-approved items to your wardrobe as well.

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