A Guide to Fashion Aesthetics: Everything You Need to Know

In the massive world that is fashion, personal style wouldn’t exist if everyone dressed the same way. While trends may come and go in waves of popularity, there’s always a mix of styles reigning at the top. It’s never all quite the same and consumers pick and choose what they connect to. While I’ve always been aware that there was a variety of styles in fashion, it wasn’t till this past year that I was aware of the aesthetic groups attached to a specific look, creating club-like communities in fashion and lifestyle for people to center the way they dress around.

During the pandemic, fashion might have not been the most significant part of it all, but the way people dressed changed in the way that people took the pause to rethink the clothes they wear and how they truly feel about them. For others, this past year was about experimentation. Many people realized that they can’t pinpoint their taste down to one aesthetic, so they took the time to try out many. When it comes to the way I dress, I’ve learned I don’t like to attach myself to a specific category. Rather, I like to dabble in each, which clearly reflects my scattered personality and mixed interests. 

It may seem like there’s a new aesthetic popping up every day, so I scanned the internet and decided I’d round up the most popular ones today. Whether you’re looking to find other styles that may interest you or have centered around one and are just curious, keep scrolling to read more. 

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