9 Spring/Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends You’ll Want to Wear

Anyone who has ever watched the iconic ’60s film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell probably knows at least a few of the words to the song “Diamonds Area Girl’s Best Friend.” I’ve not only found myself humming it to myself more recently, but it has also re-triggered a mild obsession with jewelry. I’m not just enveloped in thoughts about diamond engagement rings or demi-fine jewelry brands, but everyday jewelry trends specifically. 

Jewelry, after all, lapses time. It can capture the jewelry trends of the moment or be passed on for generations to come. And whether your taste is jewelry is traditional or trendy, 2021’s spring/summer jewelry trends are bound to make BFF status in your life (as they run the full gambit). Keep reading to find out which trends you’ll want to wear come spring but are available to shop right now.

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