9 New Dress Trends Shopping Experts Are Backing This Summer

I am a procrastinator in most areas of my life, but when it comes to seasonal shopping, there’s nothing I love more than getting a headstart. Since the fashion industry is always bouncing from one trend to another, deciding on which trends to actually buy into can be quite daunting, which is why I prefer to reach out to some of my favorite shopping experts for their hot takes before I add anything to cart. Considering the women featured ahead are constantly thinking about not only the most current sartorial shifts in the industry but the mindset and preferences of their consumers, I feel beyond confident on their shopping advice, no matter what the topic. 

Speaking of the topic, today you’re in for a real treat as the fashion directors, senior fashion editors, and more speak on the summer dress trends they are backing this year. From whimsical frocks fit for a much-deserved societal reemergence to classic breezy white dresses, all 9 of the summer dress trends ahead are going to put a smile on your face so get ready for carts full of the prettiest dresses you could ever hope for. 

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