9 Items Women Are Buying to Look Fashion Forward

It’s 2021 which means that we’re already 20% through the 2020s, which is plenty of time to tell what types of fashion items will define the decade. I obviously can’t see into the future and say exactly what people will think of fashion in the 2020s, but I think it’s safe to assume that this decade will be defined by the global pandemic—both what we wore while getting through it and what we wear coming out of it.

All of that said, fashion is partly shaped by the random things that people collectively buy. Some of those things are very clear already, even in the early days of the decade, and they’re trends that are too big to drop off anytime soon. For this reason, adding these stylish items to your wardrobe would be a smart use of your shopping budget, as you’ll most likely still want to wear them as we go deeper into the 2020s. So keep scrolling to shop the random items your closet may be missing.

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