9 Iconic 2000s Fashion Trends We’re Still Loving in 2021

I know, I know—we’ve made it pretty clear that the fashion this year features waves of nostalgia from the ’70s to the ‘2000s. It’s an obvious part of the fashion cycle, but while we usually turn to a specific era at a time, there are no limits for 2021. You can wear a sleek ’90s ‘fit to brunch and a retro ensemble to dinner, and no one will bat an eye. While the ’90s era has become more of a staple, the Y2K movement can err on the more controversial side. Even we editors are picky about which risky trends from the past we’re ready to revisit. Obviously, things don’t look exactly the same as before and get updates over time, so I took a deep dive into the Getty Images time capsule to find the trends that were worn then and compare them to how they’re being styled now. While I don’t expect everyone to copy exactly what Paris Hilton or Destiny’s Child wore (do what makes you happy), the modern-day versions may be a little easier to style. 

To be quite honest, this list could’ve gone on for a long time because there’s just a high stream of Y2K influence on the market right now, and I’m not surprised. From bucket hats to baby tees and risqué cutouts, the fashion world is taking large cues from the previous decades. It stretches all over the industry, as we’ve included current images from the recent runway collections and from your favorite celebrities and fashion girls. If you’re feeling a little nervous about trying out the nostalgic trends, look further to see how your favorite fashion influences are trying them out below.

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