8 Trendy Spring 2021 Staples a Mom and Daughter Both Love

Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers both have inspiring style. As a result, we turn to them on the regular for sartorial guidance. On that note, while this mother-daughter duo certainly both have their own personal styles, they actually share many similarities in the wardrobe department. Yep, they actually wear a lot of the same types of clothes and often gravitate towards the same trends each season. So with that in mind, we thought it could be entertaining to find out which items they’re both wearing at the moment to potentially help inspire your 2021 offering.

Below you’ll uncover the trendier staples the Meyers women are into at the moment. You’ll also see how each of them style the pieces in question to make them their own. Naturally, you’ll also find inspired shopping picks sprinkled throughout in case one of the pieces piques your interest to mix into your own rotation.

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