8 Sustainable Shoe Brands That Are 100% Worth the Investment

I had a conversation with a friend where she mentioned that the things one should 100% invest in if they can are a mattress and shoes. Why? They’re two things we spend the most time in. I completely agree and have been putting a conscious effort into investing in shoes from sustainable brands that are not only stylish but will also retain their quality and last for years. We’ve already given you the digital download on the best sustainable brands, from swimwear to dresses, so it only makes sense to move into the footwear department since it’s something so integral to our wardrobes (and lives).

Since shoes are something we wear so often, it’s important to think about quality vs. quantity. I’m someone who rotates between the same five pairs of shoes, so I’m trying my best to keep the pairs I buy to ones that’ll last me a long time. This isn’t to say I’m perfect—it can be pretty much impossible to shop 100% sustainable. But if it’s in your means, there’s only good in making small changes wherever possible. Plus, you’ll support a small and sustainable business along the way. If you’re looking to invest in a new pair of shoes anytime soon, consider the brands below. 

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