8 Straight-Leg Jeans Fashion People Swear By

Unless you’ve been hibernating this winter, you’ve probably heard the controversy surrounding Gen Z and the demise of skinny jeans. Whatever your stance may be about that, it doesn’t matter today because we’re here to talk about a denim style that every generation wholeheartedly embraces and will never fade away: straight-leg jeans. It’s safe to assume that pretty much everyone has at least one pair in their closet. It’s certainly the case with fashion editors

As a fashion editor myself, I can confirm that straight-leg jeans are as essential as wardrobe essentials get, but not just any straight-leg jeans. There are a handful of styles that have a cult following for a reason—they’re the best of the best (and not to toot our own horns, but we would know). Keep scrolling to find out which straight-leg jeans are in the cool club, and shop them for yourself, of course.

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