8 Affordable Spring Trends You’ll Wear the Most

Trends are a funny thing. You never really know how long they’ll be around. Some peak quickly which leads to trend fatigue while others are more of a slow burn and have some longevity. While I do like to splurge on items from time to time, it’s typically ones that I know will last a while, like a great black bag or a nice blazer. But when it comes to trends, unless they’re trendy basics, I don’t always want to spend a ton if I’m not going to wear them for at least a few seasons. Hence this handy guide.

These eight trends are some of my favorites of the season. I know I’ll wear them again and again as the weather warms up, making them quite worthy of their affordable price tags. So if you’re ready to make your 2021 wardrobe a little (or a lot) trendier, keep scrolling to shop the items that will take it there, most of which are under $100.


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