7 Viral TikTok Makeup Trends to Try in 2021

In case you hadn’t noticed, TikTok has taken over. The mega-popular social media app is unlike any other pocket of the internet in that it houses content and asserts influence over just about every topic under the sun. Interested in astrology? There are creators handing gout cosmic readings left and right. Looking to update your living room? There are countless interior designers offering tips on how to do it. But the TikTok beauty community is the real MVP if you ask me. It’s the craziest mashup of pros and novices swatching and sharing and creating what can only be described as makeup magic and causing the products deemed elite to sell out in mere minutes.

As an elder millennial who spent more time than I care to admit pouring over YouTube makeup tutorials in high school and college, I’m here to tell you that the TikTok makeup masters are a special breed, and the trends they’re inspiring are so fun. Ahead, get a rundown on the seven most viral TikTok makeup trends everyone is talking about I’m dying to try even though I’m a little older than the Gen Z cuties responsible for some of them. From new takes on contouring to a 2016 throwback challenge that has us all reliving our favorite outdated makeup rituals, these trends are seriously fun. Keep scrolling for more

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