7 Fashion Items I’m Taking a Break From Post-Pandemic

For the first several months of this year and most of last year, the extent of my outfit planning consisted of me asking myself, Which matching sweatsuit do I want to wear today? It was nice for a while, and then I started to feel like jeans were some kind of torture device whenever I forced myself to wear them. Fast-forward to now, slowly but surely, I’m becoming acclimated to wearing my outside clothes again. While I won’t be getting rid of my soft clothes, per se, I do feel the need to take a long break from certain items in my wardrobe that worked overtime for a good 13 months.

On that note, let’s discuss what I’m taking a break from but also what I’m wearing again, wearing still, and/or wearing for the first time. As the country begins to open up again and we’re reuniting with friends and family, there’s no time like the present to do a little post-pandemic wardrobe refreshing. Scroll to shop along with me in case you’re in the same mindset.

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