7 Casual Outfit Formulas That Just Always Work

Is it just me or is picking out a more casual outfit usually even more challenging than putting together a dressier look? No matter if I’m leaving the house in a plain tee and denim, I could easily try on ten different pairs of jeans just to land on the right look that’s casual and laid-back but still says I’m a fashion girl without saying I’m a fashion girl, you know? 

Since I find myself mulling over these casual looks more than I probably should, I figured it would be useful to create a failsafe guide to casual wear for those moments where you want to be easygoing but still look cool. To me, the below seven outfit formulas do just that. Whether they feature the most simple basics in our closets like a tee, jeans, and sneakers or riff on a few trendier elements, putting together one of these ensembles is a can’t-lose scenario. 

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