7 Affordable Spring Trends Fashion People Love

I scroll through Instagram on a regular basis as I’m doing shopping and outfit research to inspire my personal wardrobe and to use as inspo for my various stories. Whenever I double tap an A+ look, I often add it to my saved folder to reference later. Well, today I thought I’d pull out some of the standouts to share with you now.

While all of the looks in question are unique and special in their own right, they’re similar in that they feature forward spring trends that I personally want to try and I think you might be into as well. And while all of the items could be bought at a variety of price points, I’m especially feeling said trends because they could be purchased on the more affordable end given the range of options out there in the market. I’m talking under $100 here.

To showcase all of this further, keep scrolling to check out some of my favorite fashion follows, along with the trends they’re inspiring me to try. You’ll also uncover a smattering of inspired shopping picks sprinkled throughout for you as well in case something also catches your eye.

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