6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials a Modest Dresser Relies On

As a modest dresser, I live for the colder weather, as it calls for a whole lot of layering. I can comfortably wear a sweater, blazer, jacket, and boots in bliss without looking like Joey Tribbiani from that one Friends episode (you know the one). When spring starts to approach, layering is still possible, but the weather for the most part brings warmer temperatures, so there are a few essentials I rely on to keep me both covered and comfortable. 

While I won’t be layering heavy knits, most of my essentials consist of lightweight materials that can easily be worn together or separate. If you’re also a modest dresser or are just looking for some ways to incorporate modest style into your spring wardrobe this year, then keep scrolling for my six go-to pieces. I’ve even included some outfit inspiration to show how I’ve styled them in seasons past so you can start planning your outfits right now.

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