6 Effective Things You Can Do At Home to Improve Your Skin

“Thorough nighttime cleansing seems like a no-brainer but it’s actually a step that is either skipped or not done properly. Removing the makeup, SPF, dirt, and oil that builds up on the skin is imperative to have a healthy complexion. If we fall asleep with the grime of the day on our skin we are disrupting our skin’s ability to repair and renew itself overnight, and we are allowing free radicals to damage our cells during a time that our skin should be rejuvenating.

Because so many people aren’t properly cleansing the skin, I developed the triple cleanse method (this is for makeup wearers) to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleaned before bed. The triple cleanse is a makeup removing cleansing step using a cleansing oil or balm (not a makeup wipe that strips/dries and really just moves makeup around) followed by a double cleanse to deep clean the skin. Again, this is for makeup wearers.

I developed this after seeing clients come in for an early morning facial and seeing makeup residue from the night before. I’d ask them if they had cleansed their skin before bed and they all would say “yes, I double cleansed” which is the gold standard in the industry. Because so many women double cleansed and still had makeup leftover, I decided to recommend an oil-based cleanser as a first step, and that’s how the triple cleanse was born.”

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