6 Denim Trends for 2021 Fashion People Are Embracing

Joggers, knit pants, and those softer trends certainly reigned supreme throughout this year. That said, jeans and various denim pieces are still probably wardrobe staples for many, so we thought we’d highlight some of the fresh denim trends that fashion people will embrace in 2021.

The jeans and denim cuts trending now and those that will continue to increase in popularity next year mirror the relaxed fashion moments that are particularly noteworthy right now. Sure, skinny jeans (especially with stretch) will always be around, but those looser straight-leg cuts will also continue making waves. And in reference to outerwear, it’s all about those baggier denim jackets.

To showcase all of the top-notch 2021 denim moments, we sourced visual inspiration showcasing how style setters have been currently embracing the trends. And if you’re ready to test out said trends now, we also rounded up a smattering of inspired shopping picks for you as well.

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