5 Ways to Celebrate Pride With Your Family

Happy Pride Month from Owlet! As a family-focused company dedicated to helping every baby and every family, we wanted to provide a helpful guide for families looking to honor and celebrate Pride with their loved ones. Here’s a quick roundup of 5 ways to celebrate Pride with your family!

Attend Local Events

A great way to celebrate Pride is checking for any local Pride parades or events in your area. Not only are these events fun to participate in, but they’re also a great way to show support for your community and LGBTQ+ neighbors. If you’re attending a parade, take time with your little ones before the festivities to make fun signs to hold up! Your family can exercise their creativity while making uplifting and fun messages to display in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Foster Conversations About Pride

The best conversations start at home! Take the time to talk to your family about the history of Pride and the triumphs and pain experienced by LGBTQ+ people. Whether it’s over the dinner table or during breaks between Netflix episodes, your home can be a safe, cozy place to have simple conversations about the roots of Pride. There are great resources online and on social media that are easy for kids to understand and absorb.

Learn About Pride Flags

Part of your family Pride curriculum can easily include an overview of the different types of Pride flags. Once you’ve learned about the many different Pride flags, a great way for you and your kids to support Pride — no matter the month —  is to invest in a Pride flag to display in your yard, a window, or in your living room. This will add some color to your home and let people know that your home is a welcoming space.

Expand Your Home Library

Kids love picking a book (or five!) to read before bedtime. Expand their bedtime book selection by adding some great picture books written by and about diverse LGBTQ+ people. Bringing variety to your library can encourage honest conversations as your little ones’ curious minds take in each page. Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in a little extra reading practice!

Rock a Rainbow Wardrobe

A fun and easy way to celebrate Pride is wearing rainbow apparel. Representative of the Traditional Gay Pride Flag, rainbow clothing is a frequent sight during Pride Month especially. Want Baby to join in on the fun? Get the Forever Rainbow fabric sock from the Owlet Sock Shop to accessorize your little one’s Smart Sock 3! In honor of Pride Month, Owlet will donate 25% of all Forever Rainbow fabric sock sales to Family Equality.

Family Equality has been working since 1979 to advance lived and legal equality for LGBTQ+ families across the country, driven by the belief that everyone deserves the right and opportunity to form and sustain a loving family, live in communities that respect them, and access services free from discrimination. They work to educate community members, neighbors, and allies through important research, training, and a robust resource library

You can make Pride Month a fun and enriching time for your family by celebrating together! No matter the month, remember that every family is unique, beautiful and deserving of respect.

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