5 Summer Skincare Essentials, According to Skin Experts

With the weather currently doing a classic yo-yo between intense sunshine and random cold fronts with basically nothing in between, it might seem somewhat premature to be talking about summer skincare essentials. However, I’m optimistic that sunshine season will be sticking around on a more permanent basis soon, and with more and more of us spending time outdoors whatever the weather, it makes sense to be overly prepared when it comes to caring for our skin—especially as summer can spark a whole host of unexpected changes for our complexions.

“The summer brings with it a desire to be outdoors more, enjoy sports outside, sit by windows, and enjoy the warmth and light from the sun, [and] this results in an increase in radiation to the skin,” explains Emma Craythorne, SkinCeuticals’ consultant dermatologist. Skin experts agree that this increased exposure to UVB rays alongside UVA radiation can lead to skincare concerns like hyperpigmentation; increased sebum production, which can cause breakouts; and increased dryness, causing anything from eczema to premature aging. Yikes.

Luckily, there are certain products that we can all incorporate into our summer skincare routines to minimize the effects of increased sun exposure and keep our skin feeling healthy and looking its best.

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