5 London Fashion Week Trends We’ll Wear In Fall 2021

Over the past five days, British brands have been showcasing their fall/winter 2021 collections as part of this season’s digital-only London Fashion Week. It looks a little different than usual (there are no spectacular venues, no street style, no audiences whatsoever), but this does mean that the focus is solely on the clothes and creativity. There is certainly no shortage of creative imagination in this city of ours. If I were to sum up the season in one collective theme, it would be “all of the clothes we haven’t been able to wear for the past 12 months.” Think ball gowns, sequins, feathers, wildly impractical boots, and skirt suits. 

While many of us won’t be wearing the tulle gowns and sequin mermaid dresses, there are some items that I am certain will translate into our wardrobes come September. After a year of sweatpants, we’ll all certainly be ready to dress up. After looking through all of the lookbooks, there are five trends, in particular, that I’m sure will have an impact on how we get dressed. 

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