5 Accessory Trends That Are Destined for Fame in 2021

Every so often, a grouping of trends shows up that leaves the sartorial world in a bit of a tizzy. Sometimes they are “ugly” trends, sometimes they are “naked” trends, and sometimes they are just downright freaky trends. This spring, we’ve spotted a handful of 2021 accessory trends that are the latter. Of course, in this instance, we mean freaky in a good way. Our use of the adjective will feel right once you lay eyes on a handful of trends that are sure to evoke nostalgia, a dropped jaw, and lots of smiles. 

Ahead, you will see the five accessory trends that we’re confident will continue to gain steam well into spring and summer this year. Featuring a strong continuation of the return of the early 2000s, shoes you used to think were only meant for costumes and dancers, and much more, the assortment below is sure to give you all the feels—brace yourself. 

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