42 Pink Purses to Shop Online Right Now

For every person who loves fashion, there’s always one thing (e.g., a trend or a piece) that they simply cannot stop buying, wearing, or daydreaming about. For me, it’s pink purses. Even before bubblegum pink was dubbed one of spring’s biggest color trends, I’ve been a sucker for a pink bag—and for good reason. This flattering hue not only works for everyone, but it also is relevant in the cultural zeitgeist. Who can forget how our favorite film heroines (from Legally Blonde to Mean Girls) shaped their whole wardrobes and, frankly, their entire lifestyles around the color pink? This color has range 

If you’re understandably skeptical about the staying and styling power a bright-pink purse can have, keep reading—I’ve rounded up the 42 best pink purses to shop right now. Prepare to become tickled pink!

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