42 Life-Changing Beauty Products I Discovered in My 30s

Forty-two may seem like a lot of beauty products to have discovered in my 30s, but I should point out that I turned 30 seven years ago, so that’s a lot of time to try beauty products, especially when you’re a Who What Wear editor. While I was certainly interested in beauty in my 20s, my best product discoveries have undoubtedly happened in my 30s, as I’ve grown more and more invested in protecting, improving, and enhancing my skin, hair, and nails as they age.

As I approach my 37th birthday, I’m proud to say that my skin is the best it’s ever been and my makeup routine is the quickest it’s ever been. Through plenty of trial and error in my 36.9 years, I’ve discovered dozens of products that I’m sticking with for the long term. Ahead, shop them for yourself so that you can start reaping the beauty benefits too.

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