4 Summer Trends I’m Just Not in the Mood for This Year

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the pandemic has truly made me rethink all aspects of my closet. While I’m excited to wear all of the fancier items that have been collecting dust, I’ve also realized that I own far too many things that aren’t practical for everyday wear. This summer, I have exactly three things in mind for the trends I want to wear: comfort, ease, and versatility. 

Obviously, comfort is the name of the game because I’ve spent the last year working from home in casual clothes, and I’m not ready to give up my stretchy pants. I’m also looking for easy-to-care-for items that don’t require dry cleaning or handwashing because I have become extremely lazy during the pandemic and don’t intend on changing that. Lastly, versatility is important because I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on things that can only be worn in very specific circumstances. Scroll down to see the four summer trends I’m not in the mood for and what I’m replacing them with. 

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