4 Fashion Trends for 2021 My Mom and I Agree On

Full disclosure: My mom and I rarely agree when it comes to fashion. She’s not nearly as interested as I am, so when a polarizing trend comes along she rarely jumps on board. We had more than our fair share of fights in my younger years (mostly because in high school I wanted to wear the lowest-rise jeans possible, which she was not wrong in saying no to), but now that I’ve grown up and my style has evolved we’re past that. However, she doesn’t always love a new trend I may be inclined to test out. 

Her current style is laidback and comfortable, though I have raided her closet for pieces left over from the ’70s and ’80s and have scored some seriously cool finds, so she has an appreciation for certain trends even if she no longer wears them herself. Since I’ve been trying to be more mindful when thinking about shopping and trends, I thought it could be fun to ask my mom what upcoming 2021 trends she’s into. From the fun color trend we both love to the denim style I never thought she’d approve of, these are the best 2021 trends for all ages, according to us. 

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