33 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Make Sense in 2021

It may seem like we all just finished buying holiday gifts (which we basically did), but it’s time to think about Valentine’s Day now, and what we’re going to give to our significant others, friends, and family members—or whomever you care to give a little token to on February 14.

We’re all well aware by now that many of the gift categories we used to rely on (concert tickets, clothes that aren’t sweatpants, travel accessories, etc.) aren’t particularly useful these days, but plenty of other things are. And we found 33 of the best ones for your Valentine’s Day gifting consideration this year. Between candles, beauty products, games, books, jewelry, and more, there’s something for everyone (including yourself if self-care is your V-Day MO this year).

Keep scrolling for the lovely Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll actually get some use in 2021.



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