33 Black Sunglasses That Will Forever Be Classics

Few accessories rival the understated cool of black sunglasses. With almost everyone fully leaning into the minimalist basics within their wardrobes, black sunglasses have been a hero piece to propel otherwise dull looks into those that feel intentionally minimal. Although not categorically a trend, I’ve certainly noticed an uptick in the way that fashion girls use them to add interest to outfits like a sweatsuit and coat combo. As a sunglasses enthusiast, my collection has inadvertently expanded to over 50 pairs (some gifts and some mementos from past travels), but black sunglasses remain the ones that I reach for the most. They’re timeless and cool, and yet add an elegant Jackie O quality (especially if you go oversize). 

Chances are you have a few in your drawer right now, but with the number of unusual shapes and silhouettes on the market, there’s always room for experimentation. Whether a certain budget is the goal, or you’re willing to invest in a pair that will last forever, keep scrolling to find your new outfit sidekick.

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