32 Cute, Affordable Dresses We’re Eyeing Right Now

There came a point during the last year where I decided to completely abandon my sweatpants when styling at-home looks and just focused on dresses. Perhaps I was craving a silhouette change, or maybe it was my recent move from New York to Miami, but I became obsessed with finding new dresses to integrate into my wardrobe. There is a certain ease and effortlessness that comes with wearing a dress, and for me, that became very appealing. From the trending nap dress and loose-fitting styles to casual numbers and mood-boosting colors, I have found—and yes, purchased—some of the cutest dresses that don’t cost a fortune. 

As a seasoned shopper and a Taurus, I go all-in when I am set on buying a specific fashion piece. Case in point: if I become infatuated with dresses, you better believe that I am buying at least five to add into my rotation; thus, the importance of the price. I’ve scoured the internet over the last several months, adding dresses in my cart here and there, and have officially curated the best dresses to buy now, all while refusing to pay over $75—again, I am the epitome of a stubborn Taurus. Keep scrolling to update your wardrobe with this season’s cutest dresses.

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