31 Random Amazon Finds I’ve Gotten This Year

I’ll admit that I place at least one Amazon order a week. It’s typically the first place I look when I need something, and it’s not abnormal for me to place an order that contains items as varied as lightbulbs, leggings, and matcha powder. That’s the beauty of Amazon. Aside from the extensive assortment, I also gravitate toward Amazon because of the abundance of reviews, which makes shopping for something random all the easier.

My Amazon orders typically consist of home items and beauty products, with some fashion items and even snacks in the mix. In case you too love Amazon’s never-ending supply of random things to buy and receive one or two days later, here’s a peek into my order history since January 1, 2021. Scroll to shop all the great things—some very useful, some just for fun. And all affordable, of course (yet another reason to love Amazon).

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