31 Fashionable Basics to Shop on Amazon

When it comes to building your wardrobe, basic pieces play a crucial role; they’re the foundation of every trendy outfit, they inevitably become your go-to season after season, and they are your closet’s most versatile items. Simply put, basics are the building blocks of creating iconic looks. Think pairing a simple white tank with the season’s must-have denim—the baggier, the better this spring—and bold, statement-making accessories. If you scroll through Instagram and start studying your favorite style icons, you’ll soon notice that behind every trendy look lies a basic that is doing most of the work, balancing the outfit—the secret is out. 

As someone who thrives off basics, like a true minimalist, I’ve spent the last several years (yes, years) curating the perfect assortment of basics that define my wardrobe. The best part about basics is that they actually live up to their name; a basic is basic, meaning you aren’t reinventing the wheel when investing in these staples; a cardigan will always be a cardigan, and a black biker short won’t be changing any time soon. Amazon has become my one-stop-shop in finding affordable, editor-approved quality basics. To be completely candid, I only shop on Amazon for basics now. Ahead, discover the 31 basics that will undoubtedly make any outfit look like a fashion expert styled it for you.

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