3 DIY Clothing Ideas That Are So Easy

Some Tips:

Before you fill your cart with candle making supplies, figure out which kind of candle you’re into: do you like more natural waxes like Beeswax or Soy? Or are you looking for a candle that holds shape more rigidly with a longer burn time? Paraffin wax is less expensive and easier to find, and will also burn longer than soy or coconut blends. The same also goes for your wick: for the type of pillar candles that I made, I used hemp wick which supposedly burns cleaner. 

I learned that everything is easier with a candle pourer. It seems like a relatively simple tool, but it makes the world of difference when you’re pouring hot wax into a smaller candle mold (I burned myself once using a regular pot and it wasn’t fun). Next, test out different waxes. I used beeswax and paraffin during my experiment and realized that although beeswax took pigment easier, it didn’t hold up as well when burning. Parrafin became my wax of choice.

Final Thoughts:

Out of all of my quarantine DIYS, this was the most time consuming, but I felt that the usefulness of knowing how to make my own candles made it well worth it. These supplies aren’t as easy to find, but Amazon has a great selection of basic candle-making products that makes it a more accessible activity. There are so many ways to customize your candle such as adding different colors and fragrance oils and switching up the molds; I plan on experimenting more on this front in the future. On a scale of 1 to 5, I gave this a solid 3 in terms of difficulty because although it’s not difficult to make, it takes considerable trial and error to find the right combination of wax, color, wick, and fragrance that fits your needs. 

Difficulty: 3/5

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