3 Basics That Make Skinny Jeans Look So Chic

If you love shopping on Amazon and wearing skinny jeans (not necessarily while shopping on Amazon), then step into my office. I’ve written a story tailor-made for you. If you’re new to shopping for clothes on Amazon, my advice to you is to start with basics. And if you’re not new to it, I’m here to save you some time. I took three comfortable and affordable basics from Amazon’s in-house brands and paired them with skinny jeans with the goal of creating cool outfits that I would wear out in the world. The verdict? I succeeded and it wasn’t hard at all.

I’m very picky about what I wear with skinny jeans (more so than any other type of jeans). When it comes to tops and sweaters, the boxier the better is my philosophy, so that there’s a contrast with the skintight jeans. The three cozy styles I chose (a sweater, hoodie, and oversized tee) fit the bill perfectly. Scroll to see exactly how I styled the aforementioned basics with skinny jeans and shop them for yourself, along with some of the best skinny jeans on Amazon. 

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