29 of the Best Fashion Basics to Have In Your Closet

While I will test out a few noteworthy trends each season, my wardrobe is primarily comprised of basics. My day-to-day uniform basically consists of a simple silhouette featuring items like jeans or joggers, tees and knits, and easy jackets. If I do incorporate those more statement-making pieces, it’s often with accessories. Given my adoration for all things basics, I sort of consider myself an aficionado of basics shopping since it’s basics that often make up the bulk of my cart when I am in fact shopping.

On that note, I’ve been bookmarking a solid range of basics while doing research that I think you might be particularly into if you’re looking to add a fresh item or two into your offering. The picks in question are all highly versatile and could easily mix and match with other forward pieces in your wardrobe.

Keep scrolling to check out the basics and trend-forward basics that could be worth testing out now, separated by category.

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