28 Affordable Items We’re Adding to Our Wardrobe in 2021

A new year is upon us, so let’s start thinking about what we’re going to wear during it, shall we? It’s hard to really know what 2021 holds for us, but my hopes are high that life will return to at least some semblance of normal at some point. Because of this uncertainty, I’m holding off on committing to big purchases for now and shopping for more affordable items that are a mix of comfortable loungewear and casual-ish things for going out in the world. That includes knit dresses, cozy cardigans, some outerwear, uplifting accessories, and much more.

Whenever a new year is approaching, I use that time to sift through my existing wardrobe, remove the items I don’t wear, and assess what I need to add to it. That’s a great place to start, as is the handy list I made below. You made it through 2020, so treat yourself. Read on to do so.

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