27 Stunning Examples of Balayage Brown Hair

Fellow brunettes, if you’re anything like me, you probably let your locks hibernate all winter, only to find yourself jonesing for a color refresh come spring. This year, the occasion to apply some fresh color feels even more merited—especially for those people out there who went sans-salon through the entire pandemic. (Props, TBH.) If you’re not quite ready to return to your high-maintenance highlights or all-around blonde from before times, we have the perfect alternate: balayage brown hair, a low-lift, high-reward color placement option that will ease the transition from spring to summer. 

For those who aren’t familiar, balayage started as an unfussy coda to 2013’s ombré trend; one that hasn’t cooled down for the better part of a decade. To accomplish the natural, sun-kissed appearance of balayage, stylists hand-paint each strand with a sweeping technique, hence its moniker, which means “to sweep” in French.

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