26 Modern Jewelry Pieces That Will Earn Compliments

I love dainty jewelry as much as the next person, and it’s the style I’ve worn most consistently throughout the years. But there’s something about the springtime that always inspires me to do some wardrobe refreshing: Donating items that I no longer wear and investing in new pieces that will reignite my creative juices. This season, it’s been the gorgeous sculptural jewelry pieces that have really captured my attention and made me feel something.

From architectural earrings to chunky gold bracelets to bold rings, jewelry pieces of unique shapes and textures are in a league of their own right now. Since I can’t be the only one who revamps their wardrobe a bit in the springtime, I figured I’d share the stunning pieces I can’t stop thinking about. Below are the 26 modern jewelry pieces that are sure to turn heads and rake in compliments—just be prepared to answer the “where did you get that?” question. 

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