25 Items That Are My Pinterest Apartment Dreams Come True

Although I’m moving into my first apartment in a little over a month, I’ve been planning for it since I was in early college. I’ve had a running Pinterest board for the past few years, and after adding hundreds of pins of things that catch my eye, I’ve been able to pick things I know I love from the mix and create a concrete plan for decorating my apartment. Some people go with the flow, but I need to have things planned out far ahead and I’m not afraid to admit that. While the past month has been non-stop purchasing and planning things for my space, I decided to switch it up from my normal fashion writing and give you an inside scoop of things I either have my eye on or have already purchased. 

I’m also on a budget, so even though I wish I could buy the exact things off my Pinterest page (One day!), I’ve resorted to scouring the internet to find items that don’t completely break the bank. If you’re also on the hunt for trendy homewares for your space, then you’re going to like the mix of options I’ve put together below. From mushroom lamps to chic trashcans (yes, you read that right), check out what’s on my apartment decor shopping list.

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