25 Cute Flats That Have Us Reconsidering Our Heels

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’ve pretty much have hated flats my whole life. I find them uncomfortable, unflattering, and irrelevant— that is until recently. Heels and boots of all shapes and sizes are my go-to’s, but now that I’ve taken a more casual approach to dressing (and considering I wore sweatpants and leggings for nearly a year straight), flats are feeling like the most seamless footwear upgrade I could make in my wardrobe. As I started paying attention to the shoe style I once loathed, I realized they actually weren’t so bad. In fact, they were actually quite amazing, and just like that, I was converted. 

Below, you’ll see the list of 25 cute flats that made me change my mind about my very harsh disdain for them. From retro black and white loafers to one too many pairs with built-in anklets, you’re in for a real shopping treat whether you’re already flats-obsessed or not.  

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