24 of the Best Tanning Bikinis to Minimize Lines

We have officially almost entered peak summer mode, which requires a uniform of bikinis, sandals, and not much else. If you find yourself constantly seeking as much sun as possible, chances are you want a swimsuit that will allow for the maximum amount of sun exposure. In other words, you’re going to need a barely there bikini. If tan lines are something you are concerned about when it comes to sunbathing, the swimsuits ahead are guaranteed to give you barely there tan lines to match that barely there swimsuit you’re about to buy.

Tan lines aside, as we know they are not a priority nor a possibility for everyone, this tiny bikini shape is one that has surpassed the trend circuit and proven its rightful place among the classic bikini styles of the world. We were just using the idea of tan lines to prove just how little material there actually is on these suits. This summer, embrace your body and show it off via one of the 24 bikinis ahead. From triangle shapes to thongs, prepare to see some of the best bathing suits for sunbathing ahead.

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