18 Geometric Purses Every Fashion Girl Should Own

There are the classic shapes of bags we all know and love—totes, carry-alls, baguettes, etc. While they can come in fun sizes, they still “keep things safe” on the fashion scene. However, if you’re one that wants to change up things in the name of fashion, geometric purses are the way to take your accessories to the next level. Whether it’s something like circles and rectangles or up a few notches like trapezoids, there’s no harm in trying out a unique bag shape. After all, why be simple when you can be stunning?

Don’t fret, these bags will still be able to fit all your essentials and have the compliments rolling in as you walk down the street. I’m all about practical items but also love a good Avant-Garde addition here and there, so there’s plenty to choose from in this mix no matter your preference. From an important dinner to a brunch out with your friends, we’ve got a fun bag for you.

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