17 Beauty Product Discoveries I’ve Made During Quarantine

For obvious reasons, staying home has been the norm as opposed to the exception over the course of the past year. In a typical year, I take at least one trip per month, and I’m always running around when I’m not traveling, so I don’t necessarily prioritize at-home treatments, applying masks, or even deviating from my go-to arsenal of products—not so since March 2020, though…

As I get older, I’m prioritizing caring for my skin more and more and really focusing on the anti-aging measures I can take in addition to wearing sunscreen religiously. As an editor, I’m fortunate to be able to try lots of cool products, many of which I welcome into my beauty routine for life. Below, I’m sharing 17 of those products that I’ve fallen in love with recently. I guess you could call it a silver lining to being stuck at home all the time. Scroll for my firsthand insight.

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