12 Outfits to Put Together With Comfortable Clothes

Slippers, sweatsuits, boxer-style shorts, tube socks, leggings, and tie-dye anything. If you didn’t already own these things prior to the pandemic or if you just had a few, my guess is that they suddenly appeared in your wardrobe in multiples sometime around April or May of 2020. The unofficial “quarantine starter pack,” as I like to refer to the grouping, took social media as well as our shopping carts by storm and maintained its place firmly for just about a year, which is pretty much how long we spent in lockdown.

But now that things are starting to open up and we actually have places to go and people to see again, what’s one to do with all these items? It would be a shame to let them go to waste after we invested so heavily in our comfy collections. Luckily, there’s a solution. While they are great for wearing at home, all these pieces can also be integrated into your going-out wardrobe. For easy and cool ideas on how to style each one and, of course, some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.

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