12 Cheap Makeup Brush Sets You’ll Want on Your Vanity

Look, I’m not shaming anyone who wants to treat themselves to an expensive makeup brush. A lot of times, there’s a reason why they cost that much. They’re often made with fancy materials and might even have a unique cutting-edge shape or design. We all have our splurge and save preferences—to each their own!

But for me, I’m okay with my under-$20 makeup brushes, especially since I tend to keep my makeup looks pretty minimal most days. I don’t really do a ton of experimentation with intricate eye shadow looks or contouring techniques that might call for special brushes. Plus, it leaves me more money to spend on fancy lipsticks, mascaras, and foundations.

If you’re in the market for some affordable brushes, take a look at some of my favorite sets and some highly rates ones below.

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