12 Celeb-Recommended Beauty Products That Are Worth the Hype

I’m often trying out new beauty products, whether they’re recommended by colleagues, editors, or industry experts, I love to try out the buzzy beauty items that insiders are talking about. Another group that really knows what they’re talking about when it comes to cool beauty things? Celebs. With access to the newest and coolest in beauty and jobs that require them to have picture-perfect skin on the red carpet, celebrities truly know their beauty products and what actually works.

To put their celebrity beauty product recommendations to the test, I tried out a number of them for myself. While some didn’t make the cut, in the end, the ones I’m sharing here have my full endorsement and a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet. Ahead, discover the celeb-endorsed beauty products that I’m behind and find out why each of them ended up on my shortlist of favorites.

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